Questions on Jackpot Showing

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Re: Questions on Jackpot Showing

Postby branguscowgirl » Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:17 pm

Chi496 wrote:Yes that's a great notion. If you want to show slick go to ABC (American Breed Cross). The show industry is built upon condition and fitting. Right or wrong that's the side of the industry. My brother my niece, my daughter and myself are at a show or two on a weekly basis throughout the jackpot season. I have yet to see a "pasture" condition calf be in the top 5 in many many years. The advice I gave was to help a family succeed in the show ring with the breed they have. For those of you who that do not agree with what happens with the show ring segment of the beef industry stay off the show board. Sorry for stumping but if you don't understand what we do please don't offer advice or examples of what you think we should be exhibiting or marketing.

:shock: Did not even look to see that I was in "the show board." I just clicked on "new posts." I don't think that I really deserved that. I do show also, I just happen to show Brangus. And, we show them differently. Just sharing how I do things. I do not see anything wrong with that. I do not believe that I was being rude or critical of anyone else. If so, I do apologize.
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