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Postby Bez' » Sat Nov 05, 2005 7:06 pm

flaboy+ wrote:I sold a round bale of hay to a lady the other day fore her horses. I wouldn't normally do this but she has 8 on an acre and a half so I felt sorry for the horses. I bale pretty clean, not dusty Bahia grass and keep it in a barn. I also supply my niece with hay from the same fields and cuttings. She feeds this to three horses. Now, I get a call from this lady that my hay gave her horses colic. I went and took a look and one may have had some minor colic but the others seemed fine. She was told that if the grass was heavily fertilized it will cause colic. I personally have never heard this but... I sure don't want to sell anymore if it will cause folks problems but like I said my niece feeds it to her horses and her horses and they do just fine. Her horses would not eat the feed store hay so I gave it to my cattle.

I gave the lady her money back but am curious as to what you folks think.

Wish you were my neighbour - I would buy from you - complain and then after feeding get the cash back! :lol:

Kidding aside - we run a few head of horses here. They get what the cows get - and at the same time.

Round bales dumped on end for them. They stand over the bale and eat their way down into the centre. They live outside year round and are treated to no extras unless it hits minus 35 or 40 - then they get a bit of what ever grain I have on hand - usually corn but occaisionally oats.

Maybe we are foolish doing this, but they are the healthiest animals you can imagine. Local boarding outfit drops by once in a while and she shakes her head. But, it works for us and a pile of other folks on the land.

Bet those animals got too much sand in their guts.

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Postby flaboy+ » Thu Nov 17, 2005 7:19 am

Bez' I think you are right. Years ago when I had horses they got what I gave the cows. I did feed the horses everynight because I used them to hunt cattle and to hunt deer off of.

Yeah well, I gave her money back because I wanted her to feed those horses not let them starve because she spent her money on my hay. I really didn't want or need to sell it. My cattle will eat every bale I put in front of them so I don't need to sell the excess.

Funny, the lady that told her my hay caused it used to buy several round bales from me every year for her horses. She told me that her horses went to my bales and ignored the feed store bale sitting 20 feet away. Well, she is on my list now also. :lol:
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