Fused Hocks.... on a yearling, ?'s

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Fused Hocks.... on a yearling, ?'s

Postby redneckcowgirlmn » Fri Mar 09, 2007 5:05 pm

Ok, here she goes again...
another rescue, another backyard breeder, I'm afraid.
Long story short, (Well, short story short!)
Lady comes in for grooming on her dog, sees my horse pics in my shop, starts up a conversation about this "Free Colt" she's trying to get rid of... Has 3 horses, just bought another Fresian, has to get rid of the colt, blah blah blah. Said his original breeder was going to put him down, because he has an arthritic right hock, but, they had x-rays, and it's starting to fuse, he's not lame, runs around just fine. (Not halter broke, gelded, dewormed, or vaccinated either, but I'll just rant on for 2 more pages there....)
So, curiosity got me again, now I have a new yearling QH colt. Meet "Jake".
Yea, he needs his feet done, doing it tomorrow, along with vaccinations and dewormer.
(BTW, he leads just fine, when you actually put a halter ON him...she said she HAD one for him, but she put it on wrong, and he broke it. Still trying to figure THAT out!)
So, anyone ever had a colt this young with arthritis? All I've found so far, is it's possible with oversupplementation as they grow, poor conformation(His seems ok, other than never having hooves trimmed, & being LARGE for a qh colt, will be a year on April 13th) Good news is, Vet says,"Without looking at him yet, I can say that once it's totally fused, he won't have any pain, and can be a useable trail horse, PROBABLY."
Thanks Guys!
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