SOME Wild Horse Cost!

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SOME Wild Horse Cost!

Postby V_Key » Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:37 pm

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In Fiscal Year 2007, the BLM spent $38.8 million on its wild horse and burro program; the cost for holding wild horses and burros in short- and long-term facilities was $21.9 million, meaning holding costs accounted for more than half of what the BLM spent in Fiscal Year 2007 on its total wild horse and burro program.
In the current Fiscal Year (2008), holding costs will exceed $26 million, accounting for three-fourths of the Fiscal Year 2008 congressional appropriation to the BLM of about $37 million. This level of funding is not sufficient to support summer removals from the range while maintaining lifetime holding for older unadopted animals. To continue its current removal and holding practices, the BLM would need for its total wild horse and burro program: $44 million in 2008, $58 million in 2009, $65 million in 2010, $74 million in 2011, and $77 million in 2012.
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