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Our Heifer aborted at about 5 months

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 9:38 pm
by The Rogue
I would like to know if anyone has had to deal with the placenta not completely coming out after our heifer aborted, We are fairly new at raising cattle. This would have been her first calf, she is about 19 months old. She seems to be eating okay and walking okay but she has part of the cord still hanging out. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for us new newbies??????????

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 9:49 pm
by msscamp
Yes, actually we had one that didn't clean last week. Gave her a good dose of penicillin and all is well now.

Don't pull the placenta out as that can interfere with her re-breeding successfully. Usually the animal in question will clean without any action on your part in a week or so. If she does not, if it becomes very nasty or smelly, if she goes off feed or just starts looking like she doesn't feel good call your vet and he can either insert boluses to help her clean and control any bacteria or recommend another alternative. I'm sorry for the lost calf and wish you the best of luck!

Posted: Sun Feb 05, 2006 10:04 pm
by milkmaid
Lutalyse. Causes smooth-muscle contractions and will usually clean them out. Three or four shots 12 hours apart (2 days of shots).

Oxytocin. Another one that causes uterine contractions. Off hand I think you're giving 10cc's.

ECP. Estrogen. Labeled for, among other things, retained placenta. I believe that's 2cc's. Once. But you can repeat it seven days later.

All prescription drugs.

We usually dose a cow w/retained placenta w/3 shots of Lutalyse; if that doesn't do the trick followed by ECP and then a round of oxytocin every 12 hours, and after that clean them out manually. I know it's not recommended nowdays to clean them manually, but I've seen some really, really, really sick cows that retained the placenta/etc and they have to be cleaned out.

Note- I'm dealing with dairy cows; I've gotten the impression that most beef cows don't get -very- sick due to a retained placenta. Not sure why that would be, but most of the folks on here act like a RP isn't a big deal other than that they tend to take a little longer breeding back. "Hit 'em with some antibiotic if they start looking sick and then they'll be fine." (???)

For instance-

We've got one right now that calved two weeks ago -twins- retained placenta and extremely bad uterine infection, and she's on systemic antibiotics plus we've infused her twice now. Off feed, acts about half dead, etc. She's so full of pus and infection that when we last infused her (Friday), and threaded the straw through the cervix, all that pus started pouring out the other end onto the ground. Yuck. Yes she's bad. Thankfully most don't get that bad.

Good luck with yours and sorry about the calf.


Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 12:16 am
by The Rogue
Thanks for the reply to our question. We did give her a couple of shots of penicillin. The first few days after she aborted she looked like she wasn't feeling well and we were very concerned (being this is our first time raising cows) but she was always eating okay. Right now we are just taking a wait and see attitude. The placenta seems to be drying up. As long as she is still eating and moving other bodily functions I guess she will be okay. I think the reason for her aborting was the bumping and shoving that goes on with the other three at the feed bin might have been the cause. I don't know, maybe just nature.