Roto-coronavirus Vaccine MLV

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Roto-coronavirus Vaccine MLV

Postby J and L » Fri Feb 24, 2006 11:32 pm

For years we have used Pfizer Calf -guard, a MLV rota-coronavirus vaccine. Recently we have struggled with losing calves in as little as 8 hours after birth. All had meningitis symptoms. We systematically made changes to our calf handling procedures in an attempt to find the problem. Tissue samples from dead calves showed only rota- corona. 8 dead calves later (out of 12 born in 2 weeks) our last change was to stop using the rota-corona vaccine--- the problem disappeared. We skipped a number of calves and then started with a new package of the rota-corona and the problem started again. We sent a vaccine sample to the state lab to be culture but met with strong resistance-- the lab did not want to test it. Any ideas?
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