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Postby tapeworm » Thu Mar 02, 2006 2:26 pm

I almost feel new here to..i havent been here in a while and there a lot of new forums and places to go..people to. A lot of new ones I dont even know. some good peopel here but a couple rotten ones to..and watch out for burro andhis texas posse.LOL
Dont back down for em if they challenge you or try to run you off...some of ems okay folks but there mostly a bunch of sissy computer cowboys. Stand yuor ground and say whats on your mind. Dont let em bluff you cause if they ever get a whiff of blood theyll be all over you from ever direction

If that happens Ill sure wade in to help you if Im around..if Im not here you can count on Alan..he dont take no stuff of of em either. Hes a little differnt tho. LOL..if you see a guy riding up on one of those fancy blooded arena style quarterhorses..wearing flippflopps earscrew and pony tail...thats Alan. But you wont ever have to watch your back if hes on your side

Good lukc to all you new folks and good ranching!!!!!
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