New Father !! Dumb Gender Question

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tom tiboney
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Postby tom tiboney » Tue Apr 11, 2006 9:52 pm

milkmaid wrote:
tom tiboney wrote:Anyway I caught her the other day, flanked her & got her on her back. DUH !! Naturally it's girl, four little nipples, no testicles.

Another tidbit for you...all calves have teats (not nipples, teats). :lol: I saw a young boy lift the tail on a calf in the chute once and announce it was a heifer; dad didn't believe him and took a peek himself. It was a steer. Son says "but, it has teats" - dad's response? "You do too, don't you?" :oops: :lol:

I stand corrected, actually I did know that but wasn't thinking when I wrote it.
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