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Re: Good or Bad Idea

Postby jsm » Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:32 pm

My neighbors peel, wash, freeze in ziplok bags as mentioned above. I keep mine in racks I built - just some 1x4 frames with chicken wire bottoms. I dig them, let them air cure for a week or 2, then throw then in the racks (leave the dirt residue on, dont wash). The key is to have the air flow through them. Mine dig in May and last till Thanksgiving that way.
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Re: Good or Bad Idea

Postby 3waycross » Mon Aug 05, 2013 11:08 pm

M5farm wrote:
skyhightree1 wrote:
CottageFarm wrote:I freeze mine. Put them in acidulated ice water bath after slicing/dicing/shredding ( I use lemon juice for the acid )
Then put them in a salad spinner to remove all water. then pat with towels to really remove water.
Bag & freeze. Not as good as fresh, but the next best thing to fresh

im gonna have to try that.. .I dont have a salad spinner but will try it

the washing machine will work if the wifes not home. washing machings work real good for washing greens

If you line em with coarse sand paper they will peel potatoes too! :mrgreen:
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