Intense corn gardening

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Re: Intense corn gardening

Postby greybeard » Mon Jun 09, 2014 11:42 pm

My sister plants corn in a similar fashion, but very precisely. She cut a 3'x3' sq of the plastic diagonal shaped lattice. She lays it down, pokes a hole with her finger and plants one seed in the "upper" corner of each diagonal, but skips one 'row' of lattice between. Flips over it forward and does the same thing again until she gets to the end. Corn comes up 8" apart in any direction.
She returns to where she started, lays the lattice back down where she began, flips it sideways twice, which means she has 3' between where her other seed "rows" are, and starts again till she gets to the end. She gets great pollination, but this does make it difficult if you need to side dress or go in and stand stalks back up after a big wind.
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