Organic versus Conventional

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Which cabbage would you prefer to use if you were making kraut?

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Re: Organic versus Conventional

Postby CottageFarm » Fri May 01, 2015 8:23 am

Seed sourcing seems to make some difference on the success with brandywines. There were a couple of years that I lost most of my seedlings before they ever went in the ground. If they made it far enough to get into the ground, I usually had pretty good success with brandywine from a plant health standpoint, but we were in a much dryer climate than you guys in the SE. My biggest problem was season length, right about the time they were starting to fully ripen, we were nearing our 1st frost.

GP, If you're feeling ambitious, you could try grafting a few of your brandywine seedlings onto a more resistant hybrid. Something that's a proven success in your more humid climate. There are a couple of pretty good grafting tutorials on youtube.
Good luck with them either way! My husband tells me they are one of the most sublime maters out there.

Prudens Purple is another you might want to try sometime. It's a potato leafed, indeterminate heirloom that's very similar in size, taste, and appearance to the brandywine but shorter season, higher yields, and generally less fussy. The last couple of years that I had my market, I skipped the brandywine in favor of the Prudens because it was so dependable.
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Re: Organic versus Conventional

Postby » Sat May 02, 2015 9:57 am

Thanks, CF. Prudens Purple sounds like a good one to try. I'll look into getting some of those for next year.
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