Odds were 25%

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Re: Odds were 25%

Postby True Grit Farms » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:02 pm

Nesikep wrote:I don't see what the birthweight of a calf has to do with her feed bill later in life.. it's not said she eats any more than a light BW calf

You have to go by the adverage intake for a cow. A adverage cows DM intake will be 2.0 - 2.4 of their body weight daily. Common sense tells me a 100 lb calf will be a bigger cow than a 80 pound calve when raised under the same management. There's exceptions to every rule but you always need a adverage to work from or towards. That's what makes EPD's a useful tool, some folks can't depend on "just because this might work" for choosing their dames or sires.
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Re: Odds were 25%

Postby Nesikep » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:31 pm

Knowing individual bloodlines for 5 generations and trends within them is at least as useful as a statistical number which includes animals raised under *drastically* different conditions... Take a look at the Pharo cattle (like them or not).. take a look at OldTimer's cows.. those are functional cattle for their conditions, and when looking at numbers, they probably have a lot of "undesireable" stats when compared to other high growth cattle with unlimited feed. I know that the bulls I keep come from a particularly efficient line of cows.. I know it's not scientific, but when I see those cows in good condition, and are always the first to leave the feed bunk, but still raise the top calves, it certainly gives me strong hints.
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Re: Odds were 25%

Postby Jeanne - Simme Valley » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:46 pm

Yes, averages do help and play a big part in decision making. I do not deny that. And I do not deny that this 106# heifer most likely will be bigger than an 80# heifer out of the same cow in my environment. This calf is not a "gutless wonder". She "appears" at this young age, to be the type that should grow into a deep, big ribbed, moderate framed female, probably weighing 1550 - 1600# which is EXACTLY what I am striving for. In my environment, I don't care if they are a 5 frame or 6.5, as long as they are easy keepers. You have to remember that here in upstate NY, we grow GRASS steady for 6.5 to 7 months. I'm talking lush green grass. I think I have had a "brownish" lawn once in the 39 years I have lived on this farm. A far cry from what it was in Kansas. Yes, our winters are harsh, but we grow enough grass to make the hay to feed them all winter.
The small frame cows that work for you, will not make me any money and just get fat here.
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