Lightweight Texas calves

Backgrounding & feeding questions.
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Re: Lightweight Texas calves

Post by 1982vett » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:37 pm

JMJ Farms wrote:
Chocolate Cow2 wrote:Did anyone read the Decatur report birddog posted?
"There is growing concern about the build up of frozen meats, inventory cattle, hog and chicken, as result of export shipments being pretty well shut off. The storage facilities are at capacity – something has to give. Maybe we need to send out new bumper stickers saying “Eat More Meat”. At some point, supply and demand economics will force corrective action."

Throw away the older meat and eat fresh beef :hide:

Turn it into “fresh pet food”. Our small town grocery store just put in a small refrigerator for “fresh pet food”. Didn’t take time to look what was in it but whatever.... :)

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