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Re: How often do Dairy Cows need to be bred?

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:16 pm
by Lucky_P
Back when I was in vet school, we had a small herd - about 35 head - on campus; vet students had to milk and learn to troubleshoot milking machines, etc. The cows also served as palpator animals. One cow, when I was on Dairy rotation, had been in milk for about 600 days... 'cause every time they got her bred, some new vet student would come along and mash the little sucker. Finally had to put her 'off-limits' to any students palpating her.

Was surprised to learn, just recently, that on some goat dairies, they often just keep on milking the does for years without ever rebreeding them. Get some seasonal drop-off in milk production, but then they pick back up.