High school sports?

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Re: High school sports?

Postby Bestoutwest » Thu Jan 25, 2018 10:51 pm

ez14. wrote:
Bestoutwest wrote:
ez14. wrote:I'm not saying your wrong BUT When and how did it become the states job to teach kids EVERYTHING! No one should rely on the government that much! It's more the parents job to make sure kids know what they need to know!

Relying on all parents to be responsible is like waiting for snow in Houston. Sure it can happen, but I’m not counting on it.
true But relying on the government is no better!

Very true. In Idaho we are 49th in spending. Our schools are a joke. So my wife and I pick up the pieces.
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Re: High school sports?

Postby TexasBred » Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:19 am

Bestoutwest wrote:
TexasBred wrote:
Bestoutwest wrote:
If they would invest some of the money vast amount of money they put into that stadium into the education of those students maybe America could become great again. Bring back home economics, shop class, create a basic living class where they teach kids to change a tire and do a check book, teach kids how to grow vegetables and where their food comes from, etc. Instead, we put a computer in front of them and turn them loose, and have these monstrosities dedicated to a very, very small percentage of the population of that school.

A he// of a lot of that education is your responsibility "Dad"!!!!!!!!

It’s not me that needs the help. As I’ve said before, my son is a grade ahead AND in gifted and talented. We’re doing fine. Can’t say that about everyone.

Sorry...didn't realize you were just referring to everybody else's kids.
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