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Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 8:05 pm
by msscamp
CowCop wrote:~

These cats also "supervise" some of our big job projects on the farm. They arrive every mornng where ever we are repairing a building, fence or working cattle and sit and watch.

Wait til they start offering advice and telling you you're doing it wrong! ;-) :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 8:25 pm
by Not-So-Plain-Country Girl
I agree. Some days I think our cats see us as being their pets.

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:19 pm
by mdmdogs3
let the food dish get even close to empty and you will find out where you stand!

My cats start to stress out if they can see the bottom of the bowl - but since they eat out of an automatic feeder that I only fill about every 3 weeks - it is probably a good thing!

Poor babies - not!

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:18 pm
by msscamp
Not-So-Plain-Country Girl wrote:I agree. Some days I think our cats see us as being their pets.

I very firmly believe that people do not own cats, cats own people! ;-) :lol: I love dogs, but dogs are more oriented to pleasing their people so they generally don't succeed at the owning thing like cats can - cats don't give a flip whether they are pleasing their people or not! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:39 am
by DrumRunner728
I saw a quote on a calendar one time that said "Call a dog and he comes. Call a cat and he takes a message and gets back to you." Truer words were never spoken (or written in this case)!

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 9:00 am
by Bez>
After the winter coyote eating spree we are apparently down to about 7 cats - no one is truly sure. However there have been signs of two litters - numbers unknown.

All animals are fed as oldest daughter is certain a fed cat makes a better mouser. She might be right - it is a rare day I see a small rodent since the cats came.

Cat catching day - fish nets with hockey sticks to extend the handles, heavy leather gloves and a couple of big boxes - is soon upon us. The free rabies and distemper clinic is next week so I have been told.

Cat round-up is always interesting and you never know how many will get the free needles!


Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 9:15 am
by cattleluvr18
there must be something wrong with my cats. i've never seen one with a mouse or a rat.

my g-ma brings out old food for them or else they would never get fed.

haha yeah right, vaccinations for farm cats.(no disrespect to ya'll who do it though.)

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 3:04 pm
by Dave
I have one dog and no cats. The dog likes it that way. Any cats who come on the place are dealt with by the dog. She takes care of any required burial services too.