how to keep cats out of your yard

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Re: how to keep cats out of your yard

Postby branguscowgirl » Wed May 14, 2014 12:12 am

It's pretty hard to reverse the killing behavior once they taste blood and get used to doing it. I have labs. Not cow dogs, so I can not advise on them. Cow dogs have an entirely different mind set and drive. Though I do know a lot of ranch dogs that are taught to leave the cats alone.
But any of them have to be supervised from the time their pups, and taught to leave things be. Whether it be cattle, chickens, cats, or varmints. I don't need mine getting tore up by a coon or cougar! If you supervise and socialize them from the time their young, I think you have a better chance. Hard when they come to you older.
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Re: how to keep cats out of your yard

Postby cowgirl8 » Wed May 14, 2014 4:07 am

I've never had a puppy, like how a lot of people get puppies(except for one puppy). I get dogs that are dumped and usually around a year old. Lugnut was probably 8 months old when i got her and she's the hardest headed dog and was very skiddish. I'm going to guess she'd been kicked a few times and had a rope around her neck that had eaten into her skin. She was obviously abused, but very smart. I had always been able to get my dogs to except cats, chickens, whatever but she's different. The cats had lived in the yard forever. Scooter, who isnt in the video, had slept with cats from day one. Since Lungnut also chased cows and even chewed on the tail of a down cow we had at the corral, we were either going to have to put her down or use the electric collar on her. I saw potential in her so we went with the collar. Keeping the cats out of the yard was just a byproduct of keeping her in. And in the end it worked out. I no longer have to worry about cats in the truck engines in the winter. They no longer used my potted plants to sleep on, and they live in my garden and keeps rabbits out. And dont think the cats have it bad, they have the garden area and the barn and stables. They still have it good.
And as far as them killing things that come in to the yard. Its always when i'm not around otherwise the varmint wouldnt come into the yard with a human there. I think it would be almost impossible to train any dog not to kill a possum, raccoon, whatever if the animal comes in without you there. Dogs are predators.
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