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Re: Canning

Postby cowgirl8 » Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:34 pm

What i suggested is not pushing on the lid. You can use your fingernail, a spoon handle...but if you tap, it should have a nice tink to it..not a thud. Even if you visually look at it and the top is down, concave, can appear to be sealed, but not. Tapping tells you whether its sealed by sound, not sight....This is more important when the food has been sitting a while..I'm in the habit of tapping before popping the lid...i have to hear a tink, and then a pop when i pry the top off....
You can test it out on one jar that you know is sealed, and then on a jar you just tighten a fresh lid down on...I test by sound, not sight..
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