jo- What do you think about this one ?

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Re: jo- What do you think about this one ?

Postby Jogeephus » Thu Aug 27, 2015 8:41 am

Commercialfarmer wrote:
Jogeephus wrote:I've seen some people do something along those lines and it works but the cost of the propane is the downside. I've got a friend who built a rotisserie with wood smoke and propane but you best have two tanks at the ready because it burns it up. Wood is free.

That sure makes sense, hadn't thought out the amount of fuel for the duration of time it would take. I was thinking it could be set and wouldn't have to be babysat as much.

The beauty of a reverse flow is you don't have to babysit. With either of mine all I have to do is remember to toss two or three sticks of wood in box every hour or so. Other than that, you don't mess with anything and just go about your business and resist the temptation to open the lid. If you open the lid it sets you back 15 minutes they claim. Can't nothing go wrong inside but the temptation to open is strong when it smells so wonderful.
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