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Postby callmefence » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:42 pm wrote:
callmefence wrote:
Jogeephus wrote:The pink slime thread made me think about how easily the public is swayed by myths and social media and how the public's perception of how we do business in the future. One of the new marketing tools in the meat industry is the "never ever" label on meat. For years the chicken industry has been accused of feeding their chickens a constant supply of antibiotics to keep them alive. Though this practice was purely mythical this myth was repeated enough that the average person has accepted it as truth so savvy chicken marketers have capitalized on this by advertising their products as antibiotic free as if they are giving the public something extra.

This marketing has now morphed into the new "Never Ever" marketing where they claim their chicken has never ever had antibiotics which gives the consumer a warm fuzzy feeling because the consumer knows antibiotics are bad. This "never ever" poultry marketing has now gained a foothold in the pork industry and demands for "never ever" pork products are rising. If they can do it in these industries then its only reasonable for the public to assume that we can do the same in the beef industry. With this belief I don't think it far fetched for some politician to bend to public pressure and make it mandatory for all meat to be "never ever meat".

Though I don't think the public is this retarded yet, I have little doubt the public's ignorance will eventually demand this from the beef industry so how will we address it? Education would seem to be the simplest solution but with social media, fake news and agenda driven journalism and producers all to willing to exploit a gimmick for an extra dollar this may prove impossible. So how are we going to deal with this? Will we be forced to kill every animal that needs medicating or do we just let the animal suffer unmedicated and hope for the best?

Its like watching a train go off a cliff. Watching it is going to be interesting to say the least.

If jo intended the irony, this was a brilliant post.

A perfect example of fake news and how it works. Some truth at first, then a spin into the twilight zone.
You could take this stance with cool, cab, fresh gulf seafood. Just a marketing angle. The cliff is fake

Is Heinz ketchup fake? Is French's mustard fake? Is Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap fake? Everything is not fake.

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