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Re: Loggers

Posted: Sat May 12, 2018 11:55 am
by Bright Raven
Jogeephus wrote:
greybeard wrote:
Jogeephus wrote:
Why would you want to convert it to tons if the orginal contract is in cords?

"If you are going to convert it to tons anyway"
I don't know where jehosphat is located..
That's how the mills buy it here, by the ton, and that's how it's quoted by the loggers or timber appraiser and that's how it's contracted.
XXX tons of pine saw logs.
XXX tons of chipNsaw.
XX tons of pulpwood.
XX tons of hardwood saw logs.
And occassionally, xx tons of hardwood pulpwood. (that's when you can get rid of some Chinese Tallow)

Used to be in board feet but everyone went to tons about a decade ago. Only thing bought/sold by cord here is firewood. They may have bought by cord back in the days when the mills bought short pulpwood, but I haven't seen a short pulpwooder in many many years.

Doesn't really matter where he is from. HIs original post clearly states the timber contract calls for the removal of 300 cords of wood so that must be how they do it where he lives and there is nothing wrong with that. Myself, I'd like to see more things sold by the mess myself. Everyone knows what a mess of fish or a mess of turnips looks like. Can't say I've ever seen a mess of hay though.

This is a mess.