Which ABS Angus Sale Bulls?

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Re: Which ABS Angus Sale Bulls?

Post by LCBulls » Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:32 pm

Yeah, I do personally believe that EPDs are a little bit overhyped. While Schaff cattle are not usually top of the breed EPD wise based on CED, BW, WW. They have worked really well on our cows as far as structure,feet, thickness etc.
Weve chased some bulls with super EPD’s and have been disappointed lately.
Here’s a bull calf by Tex Playbook x Seedstock first calf heifer( not crazy high EPD but really nice shape)


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Re: Which ABS Angus Sale Bulls?

Post by angus9259 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:32 pm

record setting schaff bulls post some rough numbers after being in production - Brave, Harvestor, International, etc... some pretty rough numbers coming out of Ohlde cattle too. Yet some premier programs.

I've bought cleanup bulls over the years from Wilson cattle - the show folks near Indy. Their numbers are pretty bland but Wilson's is always in the hunt at Denver and other shows. Could argue that show bulls don't make good breeding bulls I suppose. My best cleanup bulls have come from his place out of Prestige and Spoiler and I'm no show guy.

Heck, Charlo's numbers are rough - except for $EN. -4 CEM? He spent a while with negative docility. 82 $B. What does 82$B mean when the latest bulls are doing 200+ and Charlo runs the table at the Schaff sale?

EPDs are an interesting thing....

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Re: Which ABS Angus Sale Bulls?

Post by southernultrablack » Sun Aug 26, 2018 6:21 pm

Air gator wrote:ABS has their fall sale going on. It is NOT as good as their sale last year.
Last year they had 7229, Hoover Dam and others on sale.
They have Payweight on sale....about a month after I paid full price.


Was able to get a few straws of Payweight, and got a few of Impression also.

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