Rescueing from a kill pen

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Re: Rescueing from a kill pen

Postby BRYANT » Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:05 pm

Baymule wrote:I have a 8 year old gelding from a kill pen. Chestnut, chrome on all 4 legs, blaze, 13 hands, fantastic kid horse. Friendly, follow you anywhere, great little horse. He was skinny, but roly-poly now, easy keeper. Cost $800 and worth every penny.

There are some real nice horses that go to slaughter that don't deserve to be there. I support horse slaughter because some horses are just crazy or dangerous, sick, crippled or whatever. But some just don't belong there.

there is some good ones that that end up in a kill pen BUT I think most that end up there is there for a reason. I was at Ozark Mule Days this past week end and saw a nice-good mule that was a rescue from a kill pen when he was , if I understood them right, 2 yrs. old and now I think they said he is 9. so yes he was a good young mule that ended up in a kill pen but as for and older mule that's been rode and used if it end up in a kill pen I bet more times than not he has a real problem of some kind. Horses may be a little different being there is more of them, more good ones may end up there. I have also seen a bunch that needed to be there that never went because some tender heated person would not send them there. Mater of fact I saw a couple mules this week end that I told the guy I was with if they were mine they would be taking a one way trip on the ''kill wagon''. A few years ago I had a big nice mare she rode good and could turn on a dime but every few days she had to buck a couple times and some times if you got close to her she would run backwards to try to kick you and some times when you went to get in the saddle she would try to kick at you. Well she did it one times to many and I sent a very pretty ,well built , young mare on that one way trip I call the ''Kill Wagon'' I think it is a great way to get rid of out laws, yes some good ones will end up there and some out laws never will get what they need but it beats shooting them and feeding them to the coyotes. just my 2 cents I know not every one agrees.
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Re: Rescueing from a kill pen

Postby Baymule » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:08 am

Bryant, you summed it up and I agree whole heartedly with you. We have 8 acres and 3 little grand daughters. ANYTHING on our place that doesn't get along, is mean or dangerous cannot stay here, from a chicken to a horse. A mean rooster makes a nice pot of soup, a ram makes "ramburger" can't make myself eat a horse though.....LOL
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