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Re: I'm going back to shoeing my own

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:33 am
by Bigfoot
Farm Fence Solutions wrote:
Bigfoot wrote:
Farm Fence Solutions wrote:I've been keeping a look out for an anvil. I guess the dollar a pound days are long gone.

An anvil is pretty handy to have for lots of jobs. Neighbor collected anvils. Not sure where his interest came from. He passed 5 years or so ago. Can't say I ever heard what became of his collection.

Bright Raven has a neighbor with quite the anvil collection, and they aren't for sale. :bang: I thought I had a stall jack laying around that I was going to send you to get you by until you find one. I guess I gave it to the kid down the road when he started shoeing.....

It's the thought that counts.