Who keeps their tack neat?

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Re: Who keeps their tack neat?

Post by cow pollinater » Tue Jan 06, 2015 3:34 pm

LRTX1 wrote:Used to work with a feller that was ocd in a bad way. Hours of entertainment that feller was. Used to go in his office while he was at lunch and twist his phone cord a bit. Move his office chair a few inches. He would spend the next 10 minutes cleaning and making sure his office was how it should be.

The manager of one of my dairies has it but has it beat into submission so it only comes out in certain little quirks. Messing with him has almost made me OCD. My day is just not complete if I don't get to move the stapler in his office six inches out of place. It's the first thing I do when I walk into the office. He also has a pen on a chain that has to be coiled just so... I make sure that it's not...
Me and one secretary(who is just as bad as me) are the only people besides him that have access to that office so you would think he'd figure out that we're messing with him but we can even do it while he's in the room and he just keeps putting it back in order every time he turns around.

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