Dang Hector's grown!

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Re: Dang Hector's grown!

Postby cotton1 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:51 am

Congrats on Hectors return Nesi. Ive been away for a while and just now read this thread thru. As best I remember, you already were using a bull out of your herd. (Via Chroma??) I cant remember the parentage of him really, but never knew how he turned out.

Glad to see you are still using line breeding to improve your herd. I also laughed when I saw the post inferring that "pure bred" cattle can be line bred and "mongrels" can not. As if in the beginning there were all these "pure breeds" we refer to cattle as today and genetic concentration is only possible with those animals. Over the years you and I have shared our thoughts on cattle and breeding practices, mostly in agreement. I have enjoyed the pictures and post you have shared of your herd and hope Hector does you proud.

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