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Re: Crossing longhorn cows to commercial bulls ?

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:46 am
by younggun
MtnCows93 wrote:seeing that calf makes me want to buy some longhorn heifers and turn them into cows, are longhorn heifer calves fence jumpers? worrying about that and having to cut the tips off the horns is the only thing stopping me from doing it

Never had a issue with Tiny testing or jumping fences. She was wild as be nice when I bought her as a calf but she's REALLY calmed down. She lets me get within 2-3 feet of her now. Her calf was pretty wild too but he's starting to calm down.

Now Lucy, my HerefordXcharolais, can literally have 20 acres of 2' tall grass and she'll look for a weak spot in fence and get out. She was 8 months bred and managed to push her way through an 8 strand high tensile fence!! :bang:
Put a charger on it and that stopped that mess.