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Re: True Grit - Seedstock

Postby ricebeltrancher » Thu May 18, 2017 5:00 pm

TennesseeTuxedo wrote:
Stanford777 wrote:It takes all kinds of kinds. Democrats, Republicans, cross dressers, and cowboys.

I could do without cross dressing Democrats.


At least not in line of sight. :nod:
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Re: True Grit - Seedstock

Postby Clodhopper » Thu May 18, 2017 8:12 pm

True Grit Farms wrote:
Clodhopper wrote:Ok, I have a situation for you all. I bought a registered heifer of breeding age, lets call her Princess, put her in with a bull and a few other heifers. Everyone gets bred except for Princess. She goes back to the breeder, who has a set amount of time to get her bred. She sneaks in under the wire on the breeding timeframe, and comes back home to me as 2nd stage bred. A couple months later she has a very premature dead calf. According to breed association rules, the breeder is in the clear. Should he stand behind her, or wash his hands of the situation? We now have a three year old heifer who obviously has some problems, so she's just expensive hamburger. What's the right thing for the breeder to do?

That's a tough one right there. There's plenty of things that will cause a cow to abort a calf. My take is if the customer isn't happy something needs to be done to rectify the situation.

It's not just an aborted calf. She didn't breed when everyone around her did. She should have a weaned calf by now, and be bred for number two, so she's two calves behind.

The breeder says he is going to give us another bred heifer or cow. I was just wanting to see what the reaction was to the situation.

I believe you are correct in your thoughts on pleasing the customer. My cousin sold a nice calm bull a few years back. He bred everything and threw nice calves, but then he started getting ornery. The buyer was injured in a construction accident, and isn't real agile. The bull knocked him down and was acting aggressive on a regular basis. The guy calls my cousin, so he took him back and they worked out a deal for a new bull. Cousin didn't have to, the bull was a good breeder, but he did what was right.
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