My new bull, give me your thoughts

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Re: My new bull, give me your thoughts

Postby SimAngus farmer » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:45 pm

Stocker Steve wrote:
SimAngus farmer wrote:This was my last bull. Registered Sim-angus, high CE, low BW and below average WW, YW and ADG. I never was able to retain a heifer and never weaned a calf above 575#, even after creep and post weaning feed. In his defense, he did exactly what his EPD's suggested he would.

Were all the heifers too moderate?

I was unable to get decent gain on my heifers and steers. One year I kept some heifers longer to see if anything would change. The group was 8-9 months old when I sold them, not one weighed even 500lbs. All calves lacked even decent rear ends.
I don't know if some cattle have heavier bone, but even the calves that appeared decent at weaning would be much lighter than they looked when they crossed the scales.
I'm not trying to blame the bull for all of these issues. He was only half to blame. I will know, after covering the same cows with different bulls, for sure where the problem lies.
I picked out the bull not long after I started raising cattle. I hope my ability to choose has improved.
I was overly concerned with CED and low BW. I now know that single trait selection is not the smartest idea.
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Re: My new bull, give me your thoughts

Postby Coosh71 » Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:09 am

Bull looks great. I bet that cross will give you some great calves. Good luck.
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