Line one Herefords...Pros and Cons???

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Postby elkwc » Mon May 22, 2017 6:29 pm

TennesseeTuxedo wrote:
MountainFarmChar wrote:
His first calf season was a disaster, lost so many cows and calves it was unbelievable. Those were some of the biggest calves I've ever seen! Now he has basically what dad had.
Here is an opportunity to once again (!) attempt to explain the absolute necessity of NOT thinking just BREED as the source of all the problems in Cattle Management! If the Son had used common sense and studied the genetics of the Simmental Bull he used on his cows, and the genetics of the cows he bred to the Simmental bull, AND used the FACTS of Phenotype and Genotype - TOGETHER - he would have (a)- NOT had a disaster, (b)- would NOT have lost cows and calves because the bull(s) and cows would have been physically compatible for Birth Weight and size, and (c)- the Son would not have had to blame the breed, the feed, the soil, the weather, the government, his neighbors, and probably the local County Agent and the guy he bought the Simmental (Bull(s) from to boot! And he wouldn't have had to blame his ignorance, either. Or - maybe it was his stupidity!

This is a perfect example of why Universities, and intelligent breeders decided it was past time for people who were trying to make a living from the Land and Cattle to LEARN what the heck they were doing - and the mistakes they were making. If they were smart - they could be successful. If they were stupid - they would just have to continue to make the same stupid errors of good judgement, and probably go broke, and then continue to blame someone else for their failures! :lol2:



I sure do miss ol' DOC, he had a way of getting right to the point.

Whether you agreed with him or not you had to respect him. You knew where he stood and what his views were. I have a different opinion than him on several things but a lot of that stems from the different areas we come from.
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Re: Line one Herefords...Pros and Cons???

Postby farmguy » Wed May 24, 2017 9:31 pm

I am confused so bear with me. I have a copy of the Ft. Keogh sale catalog. I selected a bull at random, L1 domino 15130 who is 31% inbred, has a BW of 90 LBS and a weaning weight of 385 LBS. I like to use EPD graphs which I hope I can understand. I do not know how to post a picture of an EPD graph so I will note a few values but you can check the AHA site as a guest and check my values. As I understand the graph this bull is in the bottom 5% for WW and a mature cow weight in the lightest 10%. BW would be in the lower third. I realize these are predictions only but am I understanding the EPD graph correctly?
If I am understanding the EPD graph correctly I notice other Line 1 herds using Domino lines have a much higher WW and cow size. Has Ft. Keogh deliberately chosen to stay with a smaller animal because of the conditions where these animals live? What is the goal of the Ft. Keogh herd? Is it to study line breeding, inbreeding and other genetic areas? Is it to maintain a Hereford line similar to what existed in 1934? Or is the goal to improve the breed for today's needs? Again I am trying to understand this Line 1 thing so if I have offended anyone it is not intentional, farmguy
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