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Re: Inbred calf

Postby JCcattle » Thu May 25, 2017 8:06 am

Thanks Nesikep.. have to decide what she means to us. I'm sure she will raises brutes of calves with the added dairy for milk, her mother's half dairy calves look like beef and are at the top of the calf crop! Dun, that would be a shocker!! Reminds me of a cow we had that popped twins one year and before 11 months she surprised us with her next before calving season was even supposed to start!! Not a wonder that the fall after that she showed up open. The reason she'd had a chance to be bred early it dawned on us later was we'd had her in a pen for extra feeding with her twins, bought a young bull and they shared space a few weeks as we didn't wanna throw him with the old guy right away, and obviously she was eager to be the first to use his services.
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