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request for information

Posted: Thu Apr 01, 1999 9:41 am
by Robbie Morgan
Dear sir or madam:<br> I am requesting information on the advanages a <br>disavantages of raising cattle in the midwest region.<br>i would apprecitae the information within the the next<br>two days.<p> Sincerely,<br> Rob Morgan<br> 600 High St.<br> Centrerville, Iowa 52544<br>
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Re: request for information

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 1999 3:29 pm
by Darla
Hi Robbie,<br>I would have to say that one of the advantages of raising cattle in the midwest is that you do not have to irrigate to raise pasture or hay. I talk to breeders in other parts of the country that have to irrigate to grow anything. Some years we do have droughts which means you may have to supplement with hay. We also have a higher stocking rate, ie. 2.5 acres per cow/calf pair with regular grazing or 1 pair per acre with Management Intensive Grazing. We live in central Missouri & have raised cattle her on 10 acres for 15 years. The diseases aren't as bad as in some states but we do have a lot of ticks & the fly problem can be pretty intense, which can create a pinkeye problem, but with the dark skin pigment of the Murray Greys, we have very little problem with pinkeye. Land can be a little pricey in certain parts of Missouri, but in places it is also very reasonable, but that is mostly in the southern regions where there is rock very close to the surface, so is not usable for crops, only grazing cattle. I don't really know what else you want to know, so ask if I haven't covered what you need. Good luck, Darla *.~<br>
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