Quiet Wean flaps

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Re: Quiet Wean flaps

Post by farmerjan » Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:12 am

We abrupt wean; due to facilities and when they come off pasture and get moved to the barn to do preg checks for the cows and all sorts of factors. But we also wean later than some and the calves are eating and grazing and not getting alot from the cows. But our Red Poll cows have a terrible time, they all are very "mother" oriented and will carry on for days when everyone else has gone off and quit worrying about the calves. I fine the calves do better if they have been where we have started feeding a bit at the bunk and they have learned that to come in and get feed is a really good thing. Some places we have a creep gate and the calves get fed a little separately and they learn real quick to come in through the creep gate and don't get too upset when I close the gate and they can't get back out. We do not keep creep feed available 24/7 but they learn that when we come to the pasture, that if they scoot in the creep gate, they get to eat without being shoved out of the way by a big cow. I also find that it works easier if the calves can stay in a familiar place and the cows get moved. The cows get interested in grazing/eating at the new place and the calves are more comfortable if they are in a familiar place and don't carry on as long.

Also, our heifers do not get back with any adult cattle until they have calves of their own. They do better and get fed better after weaning if they are not competing with adult animals, and we breed them to easy calving bulls and they calve out separately and I can watch them at a closer pasture. Have had a couple go back on a cow when they were put back so it just doesn't happen anymore.

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