baleage for winter?

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Re: baleage for winter?

Post by TexasBred » Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:08 pm

bball wrote:
Stocker Steve wrote:That's a lot of moisture

Sure is!
Lets do an example and use the baleage numbers Jeanne provided; with a 1000 lb cow as an example.
Cow consumes 2.5% body weight dry matter. 1000 # cow = 25 lbs amount DM to feed.
The baleage is 74% moisture or 26% DM.
25 lbs DM ÷ 26% DM = approximately 96 lbs of baleage needed to meet the 2.5% DM needs of the cow.
Thats an awful lot of baleage. Gets expensive fast, not to mention the tremendous amount of excess protein that is being wasted feeding that quantity of baleage...presuming a cow would eat that much per day, or anyone would allow them to.

Might be a bit high on protein early n the feeding period but when calving begins that quality will be utilized for maintenance AND milk production. Bet she has some bodacious fast growing calves.

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