Small herd cross breeding system

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Re: Small herd cross breeding system

Post by cbcr » Thu Jun 11, 2020 9:52 pm

To maximize a continual influence of heterosis you could go to a 3-breed rotation and there is no reason to think that adding a 3rd breed would only result in terminal calves.

You are already doing Hereford over Angus. Those F1 heifers should be some really good replacements and will make some good cows.

Since both the Hereford and Angus are both English breeds I would come back and pick a continental breed to use on them, either Gelbvieh or Simmental (prefer Fleckvieh and they are more moderate).

Then I would go back to an Angus bull. So your breed rotation would be Hereford, Gelbvieh or Simmental, Angus and then start all over again.

Another cross that is bringing good money is an animals that is 25% Wagyu. On your Angus cows put a 50%Angus/50%Wagyu bull on them. Keep heifers and then find another bull that is 25% Wagyu.

Which ever breeding program you decide on will depend on your goals and plans and more importantly how much room you have. Finding a niche market is a good way for small herds to increase revenue.

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Re: Small herd cross breeding system

Post by Ebenezer » Fri Jun 12, 2020 9:02 am

Be sure that your forage and feed can support a 3X cross from a bigger breed (3rd breed) towards terminal. Otherwise you will see more cows open due to the calve's higher demand for milk. Been there, done that. Every environment has a limit unless the budget for the feed truck is unlimited.

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