Twins, how far apart?

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Re: Twins, how far apart?

Post by farmerjan » Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:13 am

FarmerJesse wrote:I see this twins thread has been inactive for a while but I had to share this to get some feedback. And also for the forums knowledge.

I have a red Angus cow tag K31, she has always been a relatively bad mother. Leaves calves, poor lactation, bad at mothering in basically every way. But a beautiful cow. Had to bottle feed her first two calves for two days before she would let them latch.

She threw a calf on June 20th, tiny little heifer. The calf was weak and I knew it would die because I was leaving for Austin on the 21st for a week. I spent some time with them trying to see if the calf would latch but sure enough K31 would just stand there half-heartedly licking it and moving and not letting it get a good grip. I knew it would die and it did.

August 4th, a few days before she was set to go to market. I happened upon her on the fence away from the herd. Same place she went to calf a couple years back, down to the same tree. She had another calf. I am bottle feeding it now. She won't hardly let it latch and she has little swelling in her udders to imply the presence of milk.

Just wanted folks to know that such a gap in twins can exist. June 21st to August 4th 2017. And there is no mistake in this information, I only have 20 cows and I know them like they're my children.

Just some info for the community that I thought was fascinating. I have never heard of a gap this long between twins. We'll see if this one lives. It is awful small but has a bit more spirit to it than the first. Seems to have poor coordination though. Takes a bottle very well.

Sorry, no offense meant, but why after so many calves do you still put up with this cow? No cow is that good looking to qualify for so many chances when it is HER JOB to raise the calf. I have had some nice looking cows but if they don't do the job by the second time around, they go. Some have been pets but I am not going to do the job they are supposed to do year after year.

Good luck with the 2nd calf, hope she gets going for you and hopefully will get a little more co-ordination as she gets some strength.

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Re: Twins, how far apart?

Post by Gators Rule » Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:25 pm

FarmerJesse wrote:I see this twins thread has been inactive for a while but I had to share this to get some feedback. And also for the forums knowledge.

Jesse, that's good knowledge to know. Out of curiosity, do you plan to keep the cow?
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Re: Twins, how far apart?

Post by Jeanne - Simme Valley » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:00 pm

I read about the fact that a cow "rarely" but can ovulate again after being bred & get re-bred by a bull.
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