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Re: Pasture Lease

Postby backhoeboogie » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:29 am

ddd75 wrote:
backhoeboogie wrote:My problem has always been longevity. Fix it up and you lose it.

i have a neighbors 12 ac .. he hasn't touched it in years. It's actually looking pretty good now with my cows on it.

Now he's asking me to mow, spray, etc... I'm like.. I'll mow it once, thats it.

After ripping all the trees down, getting it all nice.. new fence.. boom.. that place will be on the market for top dollar and not even a 'thanks' to me.

nah.. i'll just let it grow up and buy it for market price like it is.

There is a man who had his pasture leased sort of the same way. The kid on it really didn't need it any longer but he was going to stay since he had fixed it up so nice. The owner decided to go up on the rent. I helped the kid get his stuff off of that place. Anyway, that place has been sitting and is getting grown over with mesquites and weeds. It needs a little TLC and the owner will probably loose his tax exemption if it does not stay in ag.
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