Cattle A.I. School Will Teach You How to Artificially Inseminate Your Cattle

Want to breed your cows to the world's best bulls? The Ultimate Genetics Artificial Insemination School and Reproductive Symposium DVD will show you everything you need to know to successfully AI cattle. Learn at the speed you are comfortable with in your free time. The AI School is taught by the world's leading bovine reproductive specialists.

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic AI Techniques for Cattle
  • Advanced AI Techniques for Cattle
  • Functional Reproductive Anatomy of a Cow
  • The Estrous Cycle in Cattle
  • Estrus Detection and Synchronization
  • How to Handle Semen

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Reproductive Symposium DVD

Only $99 includes 3+ hour DVD and Illustrated Color Booklet.

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Reproductive Symposium DVD

Only $99 includes 3+ hour USB Flash (Thumb) Drive and Illustrated Color Booklet.

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is brought to you by CATTLE TODAY in association with We've carefully selected the best cattle reference books just for you. It's easy, quick, and convenient to order. You will love the low, low prices! Just click on your choice below and read the book reviews. 

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Our Best Cattle Books

The Cattle Health Handbook

by Heather Smith Thomas
The Cattle Health Handbook is the essential medical reference for farmers and ranchers confronting day-to-day bovine health issues.

Coyote Cowboy Poetry

by Baxter Black
Baxter Black's poetry and commentary on the ordinary life of cowboys, farmers, ranchers and rural vets is an entertaining look at a slice of disappearing American life.

Australian Cattle Dog: An Owners Guide

by Buetow/Breeton
Total care and training.

Beef Cattle Production : An Integrated Approach

by Verl Thomas
Important information on nutrition, reproduction, and genetics! This volume begins by dealing primarily with the management of the cow herd, followed by management of the pre-weaned and post-weaned calf. 


Cactus Tracks & Cowboy Philosophy  

by Baxter Black
Ol' Baxter has done it again! He manages to mix humor with social commentary, kind'a makes you think and belly laugh at the same time. 

Pasture Profits With Stocker Cattle

by Allan Nation 
How to make money with stockers on grass.

Greener Pasture on Your Side of the Fence

by Bill Murphy 
Better Farming With Voisin Management-Intensive Grazing.

A Guide to Raising Beef Cattle (Storey Animal Handbook)

by Heather Smith Thomas
Very complete, concise, and informative.  If you're just gonna buy one, this is it!

A Brand Is Forever

by Ann Herbert Scott, Ronald Himler
A children's story.

The Complete Cow  

by Sara Rath
From ancient bovine myths to the pop culture surrounding famous cows, this book takes a light-hearted yet serious look at cows of the world. 80 color photos. 50 illustrations.

Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle

by National Research Council
What your cows need to eat.

Salad Bar Beef

by Joel F. Salatin
How to direct market your beef.

Herding Dogs: Progressive Training   

by V. S. Holland
This book covers the basics of herding. It presents the concepts clearly and provides some good trouble shooting sections. This book for anyone who is beginning to work a herding dog or who is considering purchasing a Border collie.

The Merck Veterinary Manual (8th Ed)

by Susan E. Aiello & Asa Mays 
The best general veterinary reference book around!  Refer to this book if you want to know what your Vet is talking about. It is relatively easy for the average animal owner to understand.  You will learn about animal physiology, behavior, management, nutrition, pharmacology, toxicology and general management.

You Can Farm : The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise  

by Joel F. Salatin &  Allan Nation   
Wish I'd had this book 30 years ago, but the author was a child at the time.

Beef Cattle

A classic textbook.

Bob Sharp's Cattle Country : Rawhide Ranching on Both Sides of the Border

by Robert L. Sharp
A memoir of the life of a cattle rancher in the 1920's.

Beef Cattle Science (Animal Agriculture Series)

by M.E. Ensminger
It's 7th edition.

A Field Guide to Cows: How to Identify and Appreciate America's 52 Breeds

by John Pukite
Informative, amazing, and amusing.

Cattle Ailments : Recognition and Treatment

by Eddie Straiton
Treat 'em yourself.

Fences for Pasture and Garden

by K Foster
The complete guide to choosing, planning, and building today's best fences: wire, rail, electric, high-tension, temporary, woven, and snow.

Moving 'Em, A Guide to Low Stress Animal Handling

by Burt Smith 
Describes low stress herding techniques which allow herd animals to be moved b
etween locations calmly and quickly.

Your Calf : A Guide to Raising and Showing Beef Calves

by Heather Thomas Smith 
Kid's guide to raising and showing calves.

Beef Cattle Production : An Integrated Approach

by Verl Thomas 
Important information on nutrition, reproduction, and genetics!

Raising a Calf for Beef

by Phyllis Hobson 
Beginners book on freezer beef.

Steak Lover's Cookbook

by  William Rice 
Simple recipes for every part of the cow, from an elegant steak au poivre ("The True Steak," made with filet mignon) to Chicken-Fried Steak with Pan Gravy.

FUTURES 101: An Introduction to Commodity Trading 

by Richard E. Waldron 
If you're looking for a good book with an overview of futures, this one works.

Small-Scale Livestock Farming : A Grass-Based Approach for Health, Sustainability, and Profit

by Carol Ekarius 
This isn't a cookbook, with a simple recipe for success in agriculture, because there is no such thing. But it is a book that will help you design a system that works for you, and that is environmentally and socially friendly.




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