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Kansas City, Mo. — Jack Holden, American Hereford Association (AHA) president, and Jack Ward, AHA chief operating officer and director of breed improvement, traveled to Buenos Aries, Argentina, in late July to further the development of a Pan-American Hereford genetic analysis.

By consistently evaluating North and South American Hereford genetics, Hereford breeders and their customers in each country would be able to fairly compare the two. Holden says the target date for this consistent evaluation is next fall, when the AHA traditionally updates their expected progeny differences (EPDs). The AHA's ultimate goal is a universal global evaluation.

The Argentine Hereford Society facilitated the Pan-American genetic analysis discussion in conjunction with the Palermo National Show in Buenos Aires. The event was well attended with breeders from both Argentina and Uruguay.

Holden and Ward not only talked about genetic analysis, but also shared information about other performance matters and AHA programs. They emphasized the importance of whole-herd reporting and ultrasound, and explained the AHA's Non-Certificate AI Sire Program and $Profit Indexes. The floor was then opened for a question-and-answer session.

Ward had an additional agenda while in Buenos Aires. He judged the Palermo Hereford heifer and bull shows. In September, Ward will travel to South America again to serve as a Hereford judge in the Prado show in Uruguay and to continue the genetic analysis discussions.

“The AHA wants to learn how to most effectively utilize data in both countries, and eventually throughout the world, to best market Hereford genetics across the globe,” Ward says.

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