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Cow Creek Ranch hosted its sixth annual Joint Venture Producer Field Day on Saturday, June 3, 2006, at the ranch near Aliceville, Ala. Cow Creek Ranch began its joint venture bull producer program in 1989, 18 years ago, to provide a bull market for small seedstock producers who were using Cow Creek Ranch genetics. The program has evolved into a network of Cow Creek Ranch genetic herds across the southeast that help provide the 400 plus bulls marketed annually by Cow Creek Ranch.

The theme for the field day was "Staying Attached to the Mother Load."

Throughout the program discussions emphasized the group's unilateral goal of producing deeper, thicker, longer Cow Creek Ranch bulls. The day began with attendees participating in a cattle evaluation contest and weight guessing contest featuring fresh weaned bulls calves. Structure, frame, bone and muscle were underscored as the most desirable traits in the top placing bulls. Billy Hudson, Courtland, Ala., garnered the high scores in the evaluation contest while Beth Desalvoof, Arkansas, came closest to the actual weights in the weight guessing contest. The winners received Hill Creek Beef® steaks.

The remaining part of the educational day featured intense discussions on genetics, herd management, herd health and current issues facing the beef cattle industry. Cow Creek Ranch owner, Joe Reznicek moderated the discussions and provided valuable knowledge and foresight to the producers.

Eighteen-year Cow Creek Ranch customer, Cliff Coddington, Bradenton, Fla., shared his thoughts on why Cow Creek Ranch bulls have worked in his program and in his cowherds. “The first bulls we bought from Cow Creek Ranch in 1989 made a huge difference in our herd. The success we are experiencing today can be attributed to the transformation of Cow Creek Ranch bulls to more moderate framed, thicker, deeper bulls,” said Coddington.

Hill Creek Beef®, a Cow Creek Ranch natural beef product, was served the evening prior to the field day. Attendees were treated to a hamburger lunch the following day.

Cow Creek Ranch, LLC, is a family owned seedstock operation and is ranked at the 20th largest seedstock operation in the country. Cow Creek Ranch will offer 600 Cow Creek sired commercial bred heifers on Friday, October 13, 2006, and 350 Cow Creek Ranch bulls on Saturday, October 14, 2006, at the ranch in Aliceville. For more information, please contact Cow Creek Ranch, 1170 Cow Creek Road, Aliceville, AL, 35442; 205/373-2269; or on the web at


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