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Savannah, GA -- A new patented internal hay treatment system, The HayMaster™ Nutrition Injection System, transforms old and poor hay into nutritional hay that cows love to eat. The patented method, invented by Thomas Cox, Sr. of Savannah, Georgia, employs a three-point hitch mounted device that combines “hay hook” transportation with injection of specially formulated nutrients through three injector-support shafts dramatically saving both labor and costs.

“The entire operation is done by one man and a tractor, an enormous savings in labor, time and cost,” says Cox.

Bales are retrieved from field or storage using the HayMaster™ device. The forged steel support hay spears can support the heaviest and tightest round bales and treat them internally while moving to the feeding site or storage. The directional spray patterns of the shafts' venturis are designed to permeate 60 to 70 percent of the bale with the HayMaster™ molasses-based patented formulas: Sweet Roll™ (with Vitamins, Minerals, energy and StemCling™) and Bale Booster™ (for Vitamins, Minerals, Energy, StemCling™ and Protein).

“For less than $3 each (1500 pounds average), you can now feed every old or poor bale with confidence and deliver more energy, vitamins, minerals and protein per bale than your freshest and best hay,” says Cox. “You save labor because the HayMaster™ System is a one-man operation--you move the hay wherever you want it; treat it as you go; and when you set it down it's permeated with smell and taste cows love.”

The operator activates the hydraulic lift and begins transporting the bale to the feeding site. The operator engages the PTO driven roller pump. Once treatment has been completed, he disengages the pump and continues transporting to the feeding area. Bales are ready-to-eat immediately following treatment. Operators can also treat bales for future use.

In addition to the three point hitch device, HayMaster™ Systems offers a smaller, hand held portable, patented system, which can be placed in a pick up truck bed and features a 12-volt pump which drives the HayMaster™ formulas into bales using a hand-held injector shaft. The same patented formulas are used with the hand-held system and with the same results-cows will eat any old or poor hay and receive energy, vitamins, minerals and protein.

HayMaster™ formulas make even your oldest or poorest round bales appetizing with energy, nutrients and protein, reducing the need for supplemental rations. The HayMaster™ System formulas enhance cornstalk bales or other rough hay and make them "sweet rolls" to cattle.

Cox conceived this system while living on an historic plantation in north Georgia, where he owned cows. “I had to figure out a way to save the previous season bales of hay that lined my fences when I bought the place. You just couldn't find hay for sale that year, so I had to feed what I had. I watched my farmhand pick up a bale with a traditional hay hook, and I got the idea to mount together several hay hooks with injectors shafts to carry the hay and inject it at the same time. Then we developed formulas that will work perfectly with the pump and pressure lines. I am grateful that it seems to be helping both the cow and the cattleman,” says Cox.

The system has been tested by farmers with great success.

For more information, pricing and to order information, please contact HayMaster™ Systems, toll free at 1-866-891-5656 or visit the web site at


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