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The Iowa Beef Breeds Council has named Dr. T.E. Fitzpatrick and Don Faidley as the recipients of the coveted “Friend of the Iowa Beef Expo” award. Dr. T.E. Fitzpatrick and Don Faidley will be receiving their award for their contribution and support of the Iowa Beef Expo, now being held for the 31st year. Dr. T.E. Fitzpatrick and Don Faidley will be recognized and presented with an award by Iowa Beef Breeds Council President, Marshall Ruble at the Kick-Off Program scheduled for Monday, February 12, 2007 beginning at 5:30 p.m. in the cattle barn foyer. All friends of T.E. Fitzpatrick and Don Faidley and the Iowa Beef Expo are invited to attend.

Marshall Ruble, current Iowa Beef Breeds Council president, in turn credited Fitzpatrick for his devotion to the organization and the Expo. “In the beginning, there wasn't a lot of money and he was a real stickler about the finances,” Ruble said about Fitzpatrick. “That's one of the things that made the Expo work, so he's one of the real integral parts in starting the Beef Expo.”

Marv Nichols, a farmer from Ankeny who serves on the award selection committee, said he nominated Fitzpatrick, a professional who he respects. “Dr. Fitzpatrick was a very important member of the Iowa Beef Breeds Council board when he was on it. His vision for the beef breed council 28 years ago is still alive and well,” Nichols said.

Gowrie cattle producer Bruce Long also serves on the award selection committee and said that Fitzpatrick has a definite place in the Expo's history, which is another reason why he was selected. “We were looking for people that, in the beginning of the Iowa Beef Breeds Council and the Iowa Beef Expo, were instrumental in helping and running the Expo. Fitzpatrick was very instrumental in making sure that the Expo ran smoothly. We want to reward some of the people that helped start this.”

Iowa Beef Breeds Council president Marshall Ruble said that Faidley was selected as an award recipient this year because of his longtime dedication to the organization and hard work promoting Limousin cattle and the Expo in general. “He's always promoted seedstock and, of course, Limousin cattle, but he has really given the Iowa Beef Expo exposure in more than just Iowa, but nationwide, as well," Ruble said.

Ankeny producer Marv Nichols, who serves on the Expo's award selection committee, said he knows Faidley “very well” and that the award is a “special award for people that give that extra one percent.” Bruce Long, a producer from Gowrie who also sits on the selection committee, said that Faidley's name consistently surfaced when he was perusing past council minutes. “We're trying to reward some of the people that helped start this thing, especially since it's been going for a lot of years,” he said. “Now is the time to reward them.”

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