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Montana Red Angus breeder Chuck Feddes awarded the Larry Mehlhoff family of 5L Ranch the 2006 Red Angus Association of America Breeder of the Year Award at the Red Angus Annual Convention in Kerrville, Texas. The Following is an excerpt from Feddes' presentation.

Larry Mehlhoff and his family started raising registered Red Angus in 1977, and added them to their herd of commercial cattle. They have worked tirelessly to improve their cattle to fit the demands of the commercial producer. Though some very difficult times came their way, they never wavered from their goals, breeding program and most importantly their faith in God.

After several moves they settled in the Ruby Valley of Montana, near Sheridan. They have run a large commercial herd for many years, but have gradually phased the commercials into registered Red Angus, through extensive AI and ET programs. About seven years ago they began using some of the best black Angus sires and cow families to bring fresh, new genetics into the Red Angus breed. They have stayed with their long term plan and not allowed the challenges and criticism to deter them.

Larry and Lisa and their children Laramie, Larisa, Landon, Larinda and Logan epitomize what the foundation of the Red Angus Association is about. They are hard working people, and do not waver from breeding the best cattle they can for the commercial producer. They currently run about 900 cows, 300 yearlings along with custom haying, and combining enterprises with only a small amount of hired help. Family is very important to them, and they are very involved in the community. There is a small church that meets in one of the buildings on the ranch, in which Larry serves as pastor and organist, and Lisa and the kids help with anything and everything that needs to be done to serve the congregation. Integrity, humility and a deep faith in Jesus Christ as personal Savior characterize their daily lives.

The 5L Ranch Sale was a record setting event. The top selling bull sold for $180,000 for 1/2 interest, and the demand from registered breeders was outstanding on many of the bulls. They also sold shares in 5L Signature (a bull that was not in the sale) for a breed record. More importantly than all the purebred sales, was the great demand from the top commercial producers in the area and into many states.

The RAAA is proud to award the Larry Mehlhoff family as 2006 Breeder of the Year.


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