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Cattlemen in the Southeast are learning first hand about the added value of Original Braunvieh. Just ask any one of them who has infused Braunvieh genetics into their herds and they will tell you about increased weaning weights, better replacement females, more temperate dispositions of offspring, and easier handling cattle. All of these characteristics are what makes Original Braunvieh the breed of choice for all cattle operations, especially the small breeder who must have the most return for dollar spent. Data from the Meat Animal Research Institute of the United States Department of Agriculture backs up these claims. Data from MARC concluded that:

• The 200 day calf wt/female exposed was 40 lbs. higher than other breeds.

• Females out of Braunvieh sires calved, unassisted, 94.5 percent of the time with 95 percent of the calves surviving to weaning

• Braunvieh had a higher efficiency of conversion of feed than other breeds.

• Braunvieh cows averaged 5,680 lbs. of milk in 200 days and their progeny averaged 558 lbs, of weight at 200 days.

• Braunvieh progeny had the highest adjusted 200-day wt. of all breeds tested.

• By 13.5 months of age, 94.2 percent of Braunvieh females will have reached puberty and by 14.5 months of age, 100 percent of Braunvieh females will have reached puberty.

• Braunvieh sired feeders have a larger rib eye area with less back fat, lower cost per gain, and a higher percentage of carcasses that grade choice and prime.

This research proves that even when selling on weight alone Braunvieh will be profitable by out performing all other breeds by having the highest adjusted 200-day wt. of all of the breeds tested. Combine this data with the real life results of carcass tests over the last twenty years and it is a simple fact that the Original Braunvieh breed has become an industry leader for carcass quality, feedlot performance, maternal traits and environmental adaptability.

Braunvieh, which translates into “Brown cow,” originated in Switzerland and is not a cross with any other breed. It is probably the oldest Fullblood breed known with records dating back to earliest history. Original Braunvieh evolved into a dual-purpose animal, providing both meat and milk for the family. Braunvieh cattle have been imported into most countries of the world. The main reason for this is the great adaptability that Braunvieh have to a variety of climates. Braunvieh have the physical characteristics that help them to adapt to extreme environmental conditions. These characteristics include strong legs and feet, heavy muscling, brown color, a dewlap in both males and females, which indicates skin mobility with adaptability to extreme temperatures. Original Braunvieh, through natural selection over the years is one of the few gentle breeds of cattle.

Original Fullblood Braunvieh is not a composite, therefore when mated with any other breed the resulting offspring is an outcross with enhanced hybrid vigor. Cattlemen in the Southeast are learning about the added value of using Original Braunvieh in their commercial herds. Original Braunvieh as a terminal sire breed produces a true hybrid vigor when crossed with Angus and Angus cross genetics. The Braunvieh/Angus female is a superior mama cow and has become the most sought after female in the cattle market today.

Over the last 20 years, the Original Braunvieh breed has become known as the carcass breed. Braunvieh has out performed all other breeds in carcass contests across the country. Braunvieh is synonymous with performance and profit in the beef industry.

•A breeder in Oklahoma earned $90/head premium on Braunvieh-cross feeders.

•A breeder in Nebraska earned $147/head premium on Braunvieh-cross feeders.

•A breeder in Mississippi earned $147/head premium on Braunvieh-cross feeders.

These results show that the Braunvieh breed places added value where it counts and that is in profits for the producer. We are constantly striving to produce the ultimate product that the consumer demands. If you look at the facts and talk to the producers who have chosen Original Braunvieh to increase their bottom line profits don't you think you should take a closer look at Original Braunvieh?

Submitted by Maxine Hooks,


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