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The International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) held the third annual Brangus Summit, October 11-13th in San Antonio, Texas. The event's focus is on the breed strengths for the commercial segment and includes seminars, trade show, bull and female judging and a sale. In addition, the association held their annual fall committee and board meetings with the event. The three day event drew a crowd of approximately 300 Brangus enthusiasts from 18 states and Mexico.

The judges for the competition were Mark Ploeger, Gonzales, Texas; Josh Kinslow, Gause, Texas and Scott Broadhus, Strawn, Texas. They were provided individual information, which included performance data, scrotal circumference measurements and EPDs.

In the Individual Female competition, Chimney Rock Cattle Co., Concord, Arkansas took home the Grand Champion honor and the $500 check. Miss CRC Cadence 55R18, a Mr CRC Cowmaker 331R2 daughter was born November 9, 2005, She posted a birth weight of 890 lbs; weaning weight of 623 lbs., and ratio of 111. Sierra Ranch, Leakey, Texas, claimed the reserve championship in this division and a check for $250. SRR Ms Double Take 349S, a January 11, 2006 daughter of PF Lucky Double Take posted a birth weight 70 lbs., and a weaning weight of 608 lbs.

In the Pen of Two Females, Chimney Rock Cattle Co. took the top honors. They received a $1,000 check for the grand win. The champion pen included Ms CRC Brightside 99R107, born September 1, 2005 and Ms CRC Brightside 99R106, born August 5, 2005 both were daughters of Brinks Brightside 607L11.

The reserve champion pen was exhibited by Iron Farm Cattle Co, Kilgore, Texas. They were both also sired by Brightside, and were born in November 2005. Ms Iron Farm 789G5-197R posted a birthweight of 93 lbs. and a weaning weight of 653 lbs. with a 111 ratio. Ms Iron Farm 789G5-206R4 had a birth weight of 94 lbs. weaning weight of 665 lbs. and 113 percent ratio.

In the individual bull competition Joe K & Todd Smith, Lockhart, Texas owned the winning entry out of 11 entries. They received $500 for the win. Their champion bull was B3 Sundance 30P7, a son of Sundance of Brinks 392G9. His numbers included an 78 lb. birth weight.

The reserve champion was DCR Newsmaker 192R, a son of Newsmaker of Brinks 71Z4. He weighed 78 lbs. at birth; 560 lbs. at weaning, and 1,017 lbs. at yearling. His scrotal measurement was 37.9; and ultrasound data showed a 12.1 REA; 2.56 for %IMF and 0.12 for FT. He was owned by Dry Creek Ranch, Bulverde, Texas. They received $250. Iron Farms also took the champion pen of bulls title and a check for $1,000.

The winning pen included Iron Farm 415M-10R, an March 2005 son of OB Transformer 415M, who posted a birth weight of 75 lbs; 647 lb. weaning weight; yearling weight of 1,244 and a ratio of 105. This scrotal measurement was 35.8; with an REA measurement of 15.5; %IMF of 3.36 and 0.27 fat thickness measurement. The other bull was Iron Farm 803G3-50R, a Burtin's Transformer 803G3 son and a January 105 calf. His birth weight was 57 lbs.; 617 lbs. weaning weight with a ratio of 105, a yearling weight of 1190 lbs. and a 122 ratio. His scrotal measurement was 36.5 with a 12.90 REA; 3.67 %IMF and 0.19 FT.

Farris Ranch, Tuscola, Texas took the reserve champion pen of bulls championship title and the check for $500. Their entry included an April 05 born, Farris Newsman-164R, a son of MC Newsman 81H13. He had a birth weight of 88 lbs. weaning weight of 651 lbs with a ratio of 100. The other entry, Farris Brightside 55-906R, a son of WBR Bright Side 55L2, posted a birth weight of 84 lbs.; weaning weight of 709 lbs.

A number of Brangus producers assisted in working on the committees to coordinate the event. The overall committee co-chairmen were Ed Baranowski, Needville, Texas; Dr. Robert Vineyard, Wharton, Texas; Steve Densmore, Bryan, Texas; Robert Massey, San Antonio, Texas and Dennis Kmiec, Houston, Texas.


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