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Increasing demand for Brangus genetics has allowed Spitzer Ranch to expand the number of high performance Brangus Bulls in their forage based performance growth test. Demand for these genetics is driven by commercial producers around the Southeast rediscovering the unmatched profit value of the Brangus crossbred female as well as the buzz that using Spitzer Ranch genetics also produces the easy calving, heavy weaning, high growth feeder calf that will hang a carcass demanded by the industry. Their motto of Profitable Genetics from Performance Cattlemen, backed up with the proof positive profits of their customers, seems to find a warm welcome among commercial cattlemen.

The Fourteenth Annual Spitzer Ranch Performance Tested Brangus Bull Sale and “Black Gold” Customer Female Sale will be Saturday, February 24, 2007. The Spitzer's and their cooperators have 48 bull calves, weaned July 22, 2006, being evaluated for this year's offering. After their 168-day growth testing period all bulls will be ultrasound scanned for carcass value and complete performance, EPD and ultrasound data will be published. They additionally expect to sell close to 100 Brangus influence females sired by their bulls and out of the cow herds of their customers. These will be Superior Replacement Cows!

These 48 bulls are sired by a powerful lineup of Brangus Trait Leading AI Sires like Aces TF Wrangler 145/8, Brinks Easy Street 30D37, Bright Side of Brinks 789G5, Burtin's Transformer 803G3 and Cadence of Brinks 535D3; and the best sons of Cadence and Easy Street that make up their powerful young bull battery. The key to the Spitzer Ranch Program has always been to stack generations of proven Trait Leader sires through an aggressive breeding program. These calves represent 25 years of an unending quest to produce bulls that perform for commercial cattlemen.

Average EPDs for all 48 bull calves are BW=1.4, WW=27.1, MK=15.5, TM=29.0 and YW=46.4 compared to the Fall 2006 Brangus Non-Parent breed averages of BW=2.0, WW=22.7, MK=9.9, TM=21.3 and YW=37.8. Put into perspective, bulls selling in the 2007 Spitzer Ranch Sale have BW EPDs 30 percent less than breed average while maintaining WW and YW EPDs that are 19 percent greater and 23 percent greater, respectively, than breed average. And, if you need bulls to sire replacement females, these bulls have Milk EPDs 57 percent higher and Total Maternal EPDs 36 percent higher than breed average. It's no wonder replacement heifers sired by Spitzer Ranch bulls are in such demand.

The 2007 edition of the Spitzer Ranch PERFORMANCE TESTED BRANGUS BULL SALE and “BLACK GOLD” CUSTOMER FEMALE SALE will be at 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 24, 2005 at the Martin and Martin Cattle Company, Inc. Sale Facility near Williamston, S.C. Please mark your calendars and watch future issues of Cattle Today for advertisements and News Releases concerning this event. Additionally, the Spitzers mail a Newsletter several times each year as well as a sale catalog in early February. You can call them at 864/972-9140 or e-mail to be added to their mailing list.


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