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Creating a Missouri brand for premium beef could help increase the value of the product for producers in the state.

The new executive director of the Missouri Beef Industry Council, John Kleiboeker, is one of the members of a committee recently formed by Governor Matt Blunt and charged with coming up with a plan to establish Missouri as a premium beef producer.

“We're going to be pulling together a number of resources from across the state that are involved in everything from cattle production to actually marketing and selling the final beef product, to figure out how we can differentiate Missouri's wonderful beef product and give customers an extra reason to want to buy Missouri beef.”

Kleiboeker notes that only Texas surpasses Missouri when it comes to total beef cow numbers.

“In fact, we're the largest state in terms of pure-bred cattle production, so by far and away we are a leader in the cattle world, especially when it comes to putting together high quality genetics.”

The task force includes representatives from the Missouri Restaurant Association, Missouri Grocers Association, University of Missouri Extension, Missouri Cattlemen's Association, Missouri Soybean Association, Missouri Farm Bureau and more. Kleiboeker says the governor asked the 16-member committee to develop recommendations for the branding campaign by the end of the year.

“We'll come together in late September to put together all of our thoughts into a workable package and then the governor would like us to provide a report to him by the first of December.”

Kleiboeker notes that the plan to create a premium for Missouri beef fits right in with the goals of the beef checkoff program to build demand for beef. The beef cattle industry generates more than $3.7 billion for the state of Missouri each year.


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