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SELMA, CA – Harris Ranch announced the launch of its newest product line—Harris Ranch Premium Natural Angus Beef. The product is made exclusively from Angus cattle that have never received growth-promoting hormones or antibiotics and are fed an all-vegetarian, corn-based diet.

Harris Ranch's Vice President of Marketing, Brad Caudill, is very pleased with the product: “Nearly 30 years ago, the Harris Family became one of the first to brand beef. Today, that same family is at the forefront of quality, safety, and consumer confidence with the introduction of its Premium Natural Angus Beef.”

Harris Ranch remains one of the few companies to boast a vertically integrated production system. The company is able to source- and age-verify many of the Premium Natural Angus cattle through its Partnership for Quality Program. Through the program, an exclusive group of progressive ranchers is subjected to audits and inspections, and each rancher maintains extensive records. Harris Ranch then feeds the cattle a vegetarian, corn-based diet for a minimum of 120 days at the Harris Feeding Company. The cattle are then processed at the Harris Ranch Beef Company.

“The Harris family is again taking consumer confidence beyond statements made on a label,” says Dr. Patrick Mies, Quality Assurance and Food Safety Director for the beef company. “Harris Ranch's vertical integration means one thing: we control every step of production to ensure not only food safety, but also product consistency.”

This new offering supplements Harris Ranch's existing natural beef, which is minimally processed, free of artificial ingredients, and produced under the Harris Ranch Residue Control Program. As an added assurance, Harris Ranch created its own Residue Control Program that tests the feed for pesticides and the beef for antibiotics. Many of today's consumers are asking for additional natural and quality attributes – especially related to antibiotics and growth promotants. That's why Harris Ranch has produced a natural beef program that's also breed-specific. We team up the attributes of an all-natural product with the superior marbling and tenderness attributes for which the Angus breed is known.

Premium Natural Angus Beef is offered in a variety of products:

- Fresh boxed beef

- Ground beef chubs

- Individually quick frozen burgers (2 lb box; 1/3 lb patties)

Harris Ranch was founded in 1937 by the late Jack Harris, and it is now owned and operated by his son, John. The company sources its cattle from the Harris Feeding Company and produces it at Harris Ranch Beef Company in the Central Valley of California. It predominately serves fine retailers and restaurants west of the Rockies.

If you have any questions or comments, contact Brad Caudill at 559-896-3081 or visit . High-resolution product photos are available.


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