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While a little mud may pose an inconvenience for some, rarely will one hear a beef producer anywhere complain about a good spring rain. Particularly in Western Kansas where the statement “we'll take it any way we can get it” is an absolute fact. Toward the end of the week, cattle producers began arriving, from all over the country, in a downpour to walk through the pens and evaluate the 28th offering of Gardiner Angus Ranch cattle. On sale day, more than 1,000 filled the sale barn and auxillary barn where the sale could be viewed on closed circuit television. By the end of the day Saturday, March 31, 338 buyers from 35 states and two Canadian Provinces purchased 980 lots of cattle for $6,509,250.

Although the sale smashed the previous record set in 2005 for the highest grossing sale ever at GAR, the affordability of the bulls was clearly evident. More than 72% of the bull offering sold for $5,000 or less. In fact, while 22 of the bulls sold for $10,000 or more, 132 bulls sold in the $2,250 to $3,000 range.

GAR Selective, one of the most potentially versatile sires to sell at GAR, was the first bull in the ring. Half interest sold to Final Four Genetics, LLC, for $140,000. Selective is an SS Objective son out of GAR 1407 New Design 803, with a +.2 BW EPD and a +114 YW EPD and a +59.50 $B value. Lot 4, GAR Game On was purchased by Select Sires, for $25,000. This Retail Product son had a +106 YW EPD and a +57.34 $Beef. An impressive Rito 1I2 out of GAR New Design 1441 sold as Lot 12, GAR 1I2 Rito 6035, and was purchased by Doug Smith, Jamestown, Tenn., for $22,000. Two bulls, Lots 9, GAR Objective 7125 and 30, GAR Predestined N6305, sold for $17,000 to Sunny Valley Farm and Oak Tree Gaffney, Morris, Ill., and Carter Miklovich, Lodge Grass, Mont., respectively. Lot 10, GAR Solution 8045, a double bred 2536 son, sold to Leroy Born, Darrouzett, Tex., for $15,000. Also selling for $15,000 was Lot 15, GAR 1I2 Rito 5885, selling to Graystone Farms, Brooksville, FL. Kerry Stitt, Dover, Okla., purchased Lot 20, GAR Objective 7335, a powerful bull that posted a 1,482 lb. yearling weight, for $14,000. Two more Objective sons, Lots 11 and 21, sold for $13,000 to John Miller, Valdosta, Ga., and Lynn Cowden, Skellytown, Tex. Lot 8, GAR Predestined 7245, ranked in the top 1% of the breed for muscle with a 18.7 in. RE and sold for $12,000 to Double G Farms, Cut Off, La. Also selling for $12,000 was Lot 18, another SS Objective son that ranked in the top 1% of the breed for YW, $F and $B. He sold to Robert McConnell, Somerset, Va. Nine bulls sold for $10,000: Lot 2 sold to Southern Cattle Co., Marianna, Fla.; Lot 7 sold to Steve Linkowski, Avella, Pa.; Lot 13 sold to Select Sires; Lot 19 to Benchmark Angus, Lethbridge, AB, Can.; Lot 24 and 34 to Frank Bills, Severy, Kan.; Lot 25 to Double G Farms; Lot 31 to Perrier Angus, Eureka, Kan.; and Lot 118 to Mule Creek Ranch, Wilmore, Kan.

Seedstock producers from coast to coast made the 28th offering of females the most exciting ever to sell in the history of Gardiner Angus Ranch. Kenny Hinkle, Hinkle's Prime Cut Angus, Nevada, Mo., and Arthur Hyde's Prospect Hill, Pine Plains, NY, outlasted the contending bidders to purchase Lot 476, GAR 1407 New Design 2413, for $200,000. 2413 is the dam of the #1 $Beef non-parent female of the Angus breed and the dam of GAR Objective 2345, who ranks +1.96 above the #2 female. Mike Schlueter, Emory, Tex., won the race for Lot 477, GAR Precision 183, purchasing her for $90,000. Stan Thomas's Three Trees Ranch, Sharpsburg, Ga., added Lot 479, GAR 1407 New Design 803, to their already stellar donor herd for $80,000. Kenny Hinkle and Arthur Hyde's Prospect Hill teamed up again to purchase Lot 481, a +56.35 $Beef (and highest in the sale) Precision daughter out of GAR New Design 1779 for $75,000. Three donors finished the race selling for $70,000. Lot 478, GAR 1407 New Design 1063, sold to Maplecrest Farms, Hillsboro, Oh.; Lot 480, GAR Precision 1193, sold to VanMeter Angus, Bowling Green, Ky.; and Lot 496, GAR 1407 New Design 1013, sold to Southern Cattle Co., Marianna, Fla. Riverbend Ranch, Idaho Falls, Id., had the winning bid at $60,000 on Lot 482, GAR H141 Precision 1523. Deer Valley Farm, Fayetteville, Tenn., purchasing GAR cattle for the first time took home Lot 483, as one of their 3 females purchased, for $50,000. Nick and Roxanne Hull, Stoughton, Wi., took home 2 donors, Lots 487 and 507 with a final bid of $45,000 for each. Three Trees Ranch added to their donor purchases with Lot 511, GAR 1407 New Design A23, for $42,000. Two more donors, Lots 489 and 493, each sold for $40,000 selling to Fred Weiker, Fayette, Mo., and Clifton Farms, Berryville, Va., respectively. Lot 490, GAR Yield Grade 123, sold for $35,000 to Craigmore Farm, Schomberg, Ont., Can. Two donors, Lots 492 and 521 sold for $30,000 each to Double B Farms & William Clark and Ky Luddington, Freedom, Okla.

The cow-calf pairs, once again, proved to be equally strong with the high selling pair, Lot 527, heading to Chair Rock Ranch, Shawnee Mission, Kan., on a winning bid of $35,000. Deer Valley Ranch added to their purchases with Lot 566 at $17,000, a super Grid Maker cow with her Integrity heifer at side carrying a GAR Predestined calf. Bob Bloom, Lubbock, Tex., and Mashburn Farms, Lindsay, Okla., added to their operations with Lots 532 and 536, each selling for $15,000. Lot 589 was purchased by Destiny Angus, Columbia, Tenn., with a winning bid of $13,000. Another long-time customer, John Grimes, Maplecrest Farms, took home Lot 528 for $12,000. Lot 533, a Precision daughter carrying a Predestined calf sold to Jim Brinkley, Milan, Mo. for $10,000.

Lot 634, GAR Precision 2220, topped the bred cow offering selling to Tom Belcher, Hale, Mo., for $15,000. Evans Farms and Joe Dean, Stephenville and Boyd, Tex., teamed up to purchase Lot 629, a 1407 daughter out of a Precision dam carrying a bull calf by SS Objective, for $11,000. Watsons Fly Bar W Ranch, Eustace, Tex., purchased Lot 635 for $8,000. Interest in the bred cows remained intense as Cory Phelps, Murfreesboro, Tenn., purchased Lot 626 for $6,500. Lot 623 quickly sold to Roger Boyer, Bowie, Tex. for $6,000. Lot 630 headed to Texas as Rob Floyd, Hallsville, outlasted all bidders at $5,750. Three females sold for $5,500: Lots 624, 631 and 632, selling to Bill Beal, Blacksburg, Va., Cory Sparrow, Stamping Ground, Ky., and Express Ranches, Yukon, Okla. respectively.

The bred heifer category provided additional excitement late in the day as Lot 688, a Future Direction out of a 1407 daughter, sold to Coolspring Plantation, Rocky Mount, NC. for $65,000. Mike Schlueter, Emory, Tex., added Lot 659 to his herd with a final bid of $60,000. Southern Cattle Co. struck again with a winning bid of $50,000 for Lot 658, GAR 1I2 Rito 2205. Two operations, Shiloh Cattle Co., Reddick, Fla., and Evans Farms, Stephenville, Tex., teamed up to purchase Lot 689 for $40,000. Buck LeBus, Lexington, Ky. added to his purchases with Lot 690, GAR Future Direction 1835, at $25,000. Two heifers, Lots 661 and 682, sold for $20,000 each, selling to Charlie Boyd, Mays Lick, Ky., and Bruce Rockers, Garnett, Kan. Lots 683 and 740, each sold for $15,000, going to The Archer Farms, Chesterville, Maine, and Antietam Angus, Waynesboro, Penn., respectively. Bonner Farms, Huntsville, Ala., outlasted all others with a final bid of $14,000 for Lot 753. Riverbend Ranch added to their purchases with Lot 660, selling for $12,000. Four more bred heifers, Lots 662, 679, 692 and 724 sold for $10,000 per head, going to Goode Angus and CAM Ranches, Pampa, Tex.; J/R Cattle Co., Lorenzo, Tex.; and Eastfield Farm, Shelbyville, Tenn.

It was evident the crowd was just as intense later in the day as VanMeter Angus outlasted the fierce bidding and paid $145,000 for Lot 894, a Future Direction daughter with “off the chart” IMF and REA out of a dam with 124 IMF ratio. Another tremendous heifer, Lot 850, an Objective daughter ranking in the top 3% CED and top 1% WW, YW, $W, $F and $B, sold to Hickory Hill Angus, Rayle, Ga. and Marion Whitehead, Newark, Oh., for $60,000. Southern Cattle Co. didn't miss an opportunity to add to his already impressive load with Lot 857, another top 1% IMF heifer, selling for $40,000. Buck LeBus and Chip Carroll, Owasso, Okla., each added heifers to their purchases with Lots 852 and 874 on bids of $30,000. Goode Angus continued to purchase with a winning bid of $29,000 for Lot 865, a Retail Product out of one of the top donors from the 2006 sale, 882. $27,500 was the final bid for Lot 896, selling to Shiloh Cattle Co., Reddick, Fla., and Callaway Farms, Rayle, Ga. Chip Carroll outlasted all others to purchase Lots 851 and 876 for $26,000 and $25,000 each. Bonner Farms, Huntsville, Ala., purchased Lot 854, a Retail Product daughter out of 1942, a donor currently ranking in the top 1% of the breed for %IMF, $G and $B, for $20,000.

Edwin Tritt, Bells, Tenn., purchased the high selling pen of bred commercial heifers at $3,000 each for the pen of eight females. Long time GAR customer, Daryl Sales, Valley Falls, Kan., purchased the two high selling pens of commercial heifers with a final bid of $2,600 and $2,100 each for the groups. Kent Cooper, Mt. Pleasant, Tex., also purchased a pen of commercial heifers for $2,100.


Bulls: Alico, Inc., LaBelle, Fla.; W.T. Waggoner Estate, Vernon, Tex.; K-Ranch, Garden City, Kan.; Barnard Partners, Ft. Worth, Tex.; D.K. Boyd, Midland, Tex.; Triangle H Grain & Cattle Co., Garden City, Kan., Wes Williamson, Okeechobee, Fla., Stuart Ranch, Waurika, Okla.

Registered females: J/R Cattle Co., Lorenzo, Tex.; Black Crest Farms, Sumter, SC; Max and Gwen Carnes, Baldwin, Ga.

Commercial heifers: Arcadia Land & Cattle Co., Soper, Okla.; Daryl Sales, Valley Falls, Kan.

Additional notes of interest:

• 22 bulls sold for $10,000 or more

• 318 bulls sold for $5,000 or less

• 132 bulls sold in the $2,250 to $3,000 range

• 103 buyers purchased Gardiner Angus Ranch cattle for the first time.

Gardiner Angus Ranch 28th Annual Sale Totals & Averages

Total Lots
440 Bulls 
18 mo-old bulls

Total Lots  Category  Gross Average
49 Donor females $1,508,000 $30,776
93 Cow-calf pairs (3 N 1) 600,500 6,497
32 Bred registered cows 151,000 4,719
144 18 mo. old registered heifers 843,250 5,856
15  Open 18 mo. old registered heifers 149,750 9,983
76 Spring yearling ET heifers  803,250 10,569
409 Registered Females $4,055,750 9,916
126 Bred & open commercial heifers 217,200 1,724
5 Registered quarter horses 6,400  1,280
980 Lots 1073 Total Head $6,509,250 $6,642


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