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Over the last two years the International Brangus® Breeders Association (IBBA) has developed a truly unique, powerful, and comprehensive internet-based registration and herd management system. One of the newest features of this system is the addition of individual member genetic trend charts. Each member can access their own genetic trend for each trait EPD displayed in comparison to the breed genetic trend for that trait EPD. Most breed associations typically publish genetic trend charts for each trait EPD either in an annual sire summary, or on the breed's website, but no breed association has ever been able to provide individual breeders with the ability to directly compare their genetic progress to the breed average. These "Genetic Trends" function much like an in-car GPS system, telling the breeder exactly where he is and has been in relation to the rest of the breed. The actual charts for each breeder are only accessible to that breeder. Visitors to can click on "GeneticTrends" to see example member charts, as well as the actual breed average genetic trend charts for each trait EPD.


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